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Depending on your view of things, this may be the most violent of our tutorials. Things will crash and collide. We'll learn about momentum and how it is transferred. Whether you're playing pool (or "billiards") or deciding whether you want to get tackled by the 300lb. guy, this tutorial is of key importance.

Introduction to momentum

VIDEO 9:18 minutes
What momentum is. A simple problem involving momentum.

Impulse and momentum dodgeball example

VIDEO 10:33 minutes
In this video, David shows how to solve for the impulse and force applied during a dodgeball collision using the impulse momentum relationship.

What are momentum and impulse?

Learn what momentum and impulse are, as well as how they are related to force.

What is conservation of momentum?

Learn what conservation of momentum means and how to use it.

Bouncing fruit collision example

VIDEO 9:13 minutes
In this video, David shows how to use conservation of momentum for a situation where two objects bounce off of each other.

Momentum: Ice skater throws a ball

VIDEO 6:00 minutes
A simple conservation of momentum problem involving an ice skater and a ball

2-dimensional momentum problem

VIDEO 10:35 minutes
An example of conservation of momentum in two dimensions.

2-dimensional momentum problem (part 2)

VIDEO 9:32 minutes
We finish the 2-dimensional momentum problem

What are two dimensional collisions?

Learn how to handle collisions in 2 dimensions...and get better at playing billiards.

Force vs. time graphs

VIDEO 8:14 minutes
In this video, David explains how to use a force vs. time graph to find impulse and solves an example problem to find the final velocity of a spaceship.