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Two-dimensional motion

Horizontally launched projectileWhat is 2D projectile motion?Visualizing vectors in 2 dimensionsProjectile at an angleLaunching and landing on different elevationsTotal displacement for projectileTotal final velocity for projectileCorrection to total final velocity for projectileProjectile on an inclineWhat are velocity components?Unit vectors and engineering notationUnit vector notationUnit vector notation (part 2)Projectile motion with ordered set notation
Optimal angle for a projectile part 1: Components of initial velocityOptimal angle for a projectile part 2: HangtimeOptimal angle for a projectile part 3: Horizontal distance as a function of angle (and speed)Optimal angle for a projectile part 4: Finding the optimal angle and distance with a bit of calculus

About this unit

You understand velocity and acceleration well in one-dimension. Now we can explore scenarios that are even more fun. With a little bit of trigonometry (you might want to review your basic trig, especially what sin and cos are), we can think about whether a baseball can clear the "green monster" at Fenway Park.