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6th graders learn to build a Spider robot

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so today we're going to start building the robot so we're going to first watch a video we're going to watch them all together at once but you and your partner will be watching them at your own pace to help you with the steps so first you're going to desolder the LED light resistor and black wire and when you watch the video again it'll make sense you're going to heat these two dots up and pull out your LED oh there you go umm I took out the LED and I just dropped the LED and you need to strip off about a quarter to a half an inch of insulation on both sides okay and then you know where to take it all out we kind of stand the motherboard so we have to take the rest yeah yeah yeah we're just gonna throw it away anyway since it's the light bulb and we don't need the light bulb yeah we do okay and now we're gonna watch the rest of the video to see what we should do next um had a bit too much wire we should we put electrical tape over it the only help I think was screwing it the wrong way like for it to blink I have no idea what that was it look like Oh looks like a CPU on CPU and a computing what's the rule with these well for those if you always have to have the one because something could go flying at your face and your projection program to show them and then have them be able to do it give them confidence right you know and then when they did it they felt very successful and proud of themselves as I said you know this is where I struggled the most will you help me yeah you need to watch the video because this is not your next time so it's obviously yes would you mind going back and watching the video and seeing how you place your wires I see that the numbers are faced up on this side but face down here what side do they need to be faced up on and why and where do the wires go they go in the oh yeah and if we bridge that gap what's going to happen then único burners yeah so what sided didn't it be facing out perfect and it needs to be how many inches apart you know yeah it's where the wires go into the motors keep some of them don't loop them right and so they'll fall out because the wire the loop should have a little bit of a twist in it so it like pushes against the metal tab on the motor but it's a subtlety that's maybe lost on in the video they watch that part about where how to twist that wire oh and that's when he said he goes oh I know what he did I know what he did oh and so then he was able to and I saw him twisting the wire to make sure that it went in the wires got pulled out so now at once we've already glued everything together now we have to try and pull the wires back in which is so but the problem is it's very loose we might actually have to hold or we're gonna have to it should be good it's too wide for that hole yeah what's a good solution oh okay show me what you do I do think that it was really exciting to see the kids can go their own way and try it um there were a couple of students that hadn't done the wire stripping themselves they had found other students that's all this time they can out you don't know how to strip wires though like no was like how did you get it done so far yeah like we gave it to some other case and they killed wanna show it goes bought to me they're the kid who like itching to do it let me do it for you well and I would hope that for those kids that are just on this racetrack to finish and then they get to the end and stuff doesn't work that there's a lesson in right like I hope they have some time to you know to make the connection of well okay I didn't pay close enough attention or because a lot of them don't get an opportunity to learn like this oh yeah we're they're really responsible and someone's over their shoulder every second say no wait that's wrong you need to fix it so I love the fact that we took a step back today and I saw some stuff that I was like I know okay go with that see what I know I do the teach it and you want to go in and say did you check if it don't that I did because we were not saying it they were watching the videos yeah I was very happy to see that like she did all the like gee but I think that was that was a good one and they actually watched right Parcher basically pinnacle while it is today's program employers keep things from electricity from the bathroom and conductors conduct office yeah I thought it would kind of be easier than this but I was wrong yeah enjoy challenging it is really sensitive what a put advice with you kids oh yeah I don't go too fast you only definitely myself plenty sure so this looks different now what did you guys do um before it was facing horizontally and then we made it so it was vertical awesome so and it fits together better now right yeah it lays flat yeah awesome good job it says today we made a circuit okay on our switch what is a circuit we need to take off the insulation so the metal can complete the circle and when we push this switch it closes it it hits a piece of metal and I find me the closest eye circuit and then it can open it now where does that need to go - where do your black wires need to go in your trampy Oh block in the center in the center why because the center these are kind of our negative charges and they're positive those are the power wires and this is going to tell what the Earth's to all do you know what to do basically I think good thing oh okay so gotten that in well you know the outer portions of the wire like the yellow parts insulation are there is they're basically resistor so that the electrons do not if the wire touches another wire the those the electrons don't flow to that water makes short out the circuits on that for granted now sometimes you just said oh that is you oh well I bet every time I show some video burst or if you try your switch it should light up right it should light up what does this switch do aside from turning it on and off switch wouldn't work it was just stay on the whole time looking just now well we shot her in the wrong spot where the switch was it was supposed to be right here but then we saw her right here on accident it'll work when the wires are invisible when we try to turn it on which is for sale the switch is working well it closes the circuit because open it's when it won't work daughter is like melted metal and a glue other metal pieces together it's a conductor because of tomato paste that goodness together yeah that's perfect it's like covering the whole thing so a motor controller controls like um the speed and direction of the motor so how fast it turns and like what direction it goes and so forward backwards and you can always enter that in the program and oh I was working silent I'm begging ya okay I we lost the wheel well what happened No and fight ni Wow hi my shield come on I have created you look see Santa's like looks at my children that doesn't work you