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okay so in this video we're going to show you how to attach and adjust the bezel on the tap light and so the the reason you have to adjust it is that the wires for each Bott are going to be slightly different and so you have to kind of move them around a little bit to get the bezel to sit flat and and correctly so you can see that there's a number of different wires there and you have to bend the wires out of the way to to get everything to connect correctly so I'm how to have a little bit of trouble getting this to sit down and part of the reason is these bosses those little parts that stick out the screw bosses we're bumping against the wire so I had to sort of move the wires around and adjust it and so it's it's not an exact science it'll take a little bit of trial and error but once you have it to where you it's it's pretty flat and it's in the center you can make sure that all the wires are still connected there you can see the power is flowing and then I'm going to I just put a little bit of hot glue in it and then I'll tilt the the thing to the side so that the hot glue runs up against the joint between the bezel and the base and we should have our bezel held in place and that will allow us to protect our wires and give the bot a nice finished look