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Click n' stick base & batteries

Video transcript

so in this video we're going to attach our tap light bass and thread the wires from our motors and from our batteries through the tap light base so that we can connect them to the parts of our bot that we need to connect them to so we're gonna thread those wires through those are the motor wires and it's important that we line up those those holes you can see there's three holes on the tap light we want to make sure we line those wires up with those holes and pull the pull the wires through there okay so once we've got those lined up we can sort of bend them out of the way make sure everything is right in the center and everything is lined up the way we want it to be so the the tap light base has a double stick tape so we'll peel that double stick tape off and once we have it lined up kind of the way we want it we'll double check and make sure that it's in the perfect location above our motors and batteries and then we'll press it down and make sure that it's in place so we want it right in the center if it's off the center then the wheels may rub up against the side and could cause some problems for us so it's really important that that tap light base is right in the center and so we've got our motor wires already run through and now we're going to connect our battery wires so the battery wires need to come in through the same hole on the right side there and we'll just connect our our 9-volt battery connector so one thing is one thing that's important is when you're connecting the 9-volt battery connector you have to realize that the the power is then able to flow through the wires and so the two ends of the wires because they're a similar length may end up touching one another which means they could short out and heat up a lot and cause problems for you so you want to tape off one end of the wire until you get it connected so that they don't short out and cause your battery to heat up or cause the wires to heat up and basically ruin your battery so so make sure you tape off one of those wires while you're connecting everything together so we've got one side connected and then we're just going to do the other side and again we'll use our 9-volt battery connector we're going to thread it through the holes and connect it to our battery now the thing is on the battery on the front we're going to can the the wire we're gonna run the wires from the battery through the front hole instead of through the side hole because it'll be closer to where we want it to end up on our on our motor controller so that's how to thread the battery the wires through