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so in this video we're going to show you how to connect the power wires from the motor controller to the Arduino and the control wires from the motor controller to the Arduino so we're connecting the red wire to the voltage in that's the red wire goes to the VI N and the black wires going to go to the ground so G and D and the red wire goes to the VI n very important that those don't get mixed up okay so now we have our signal wires that are going to come up from our motor controller and they're going to allow our Arduino to tell the motor controller when to make the motors go and how fast and in what direction so the they happen to be female header pin connectors and we need male ones because of the way that we set up our Arduino so we're going to just use some wire and we're gonna connect push the wire into the end of it and then we're gonna basically trim the wire off and get it get it to the right length so we'll do this for all four pins and get the the wires bent straight and it takes a little bit of doing you want there to be about a quarter of an inch of wire exposed maybe just a little bit less and again we don't want any exposed wire so you want it to be pretty close I think three sixteenths of an inch is probably even better than a quarter of an inch um as far as the connection there goes so in any case we're gonna put our last wire in here and you do want to use some pliers to push those in that time the wire got bent and so I'm gonna try one more time to get this wire straightened out and put in place they're kind of tricky to get in there sometimes okay so now we've got our wires and now we're gonna run those signal wires to the right ports on our Arduino so the first one is going to go to pin 11 the next one is going to go to pin 10 the next one after that is going to go to pin 9 and then the next one goes to pin 6 those signal wires are following from left to right in the same order as they occur on the motor controller below