Multiplication and division

In this topic, we will multiply and divide whole numbers. The topic starts with 1-digit multiplication and division and goes through multi-digit problems. We will cover regrouping, remainders, and word problems.
57 exercises available

Learn about the commutative, associative, and distributive properties of multiplication. Solve multiplication problems by changing the order of factors (commutativity), the grouping of factors (associativity), and by decomposing the factors (distributive property).

As we'll see in this tutorial, multiplying a multiple of 10--like 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.--by a single digit number is not too much more complicated. Common Core Standard: 3.NBT.A.3

Dividing big numbers can be difficult to wrap your mind around. In this tutorial, we'll learn some visual ways to think through large division problems.

Some division problems don't work out perfectly. For example, we know that 6 divided by 3 is 2, and 9 divided by 3 is 3. But, what is 7 divided by 3? Or 8 divided by 3? In division problems like these, we're left with remainders.

In this tutorial, we'll start to challenge you with more sophisticated multiplication and division word problems. If you understand mult-digit multiplication and long division, you have all the tools you need to tackle these. May the force be with you!