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rewrite 5 plus 5 Plus 5 Plus 5 Plus 5 Plus 5 plus 5 as a multiplication expression and then they want us to write the expression three times using different ways to write multiplication so let's do the first part let's write it as a multiplication expression so how many times have we added five here well we have we've added one two three four five six seven so one way to think it if I just said what what is here how many fives are there well you say well I added five to itself seven times right you could literally say this is seven times five we could literally write this is seven x times five or you could view it as five seven times and I'm not even writing it mathematically that I'm just saying look if I saw seven of something you would literally say if these were apples you would say you take a polite a seven times the Apple whatever it is now in this case we're actually adding the number to each other and we could figure out what that is and why don't we but the way we would write this mathematically we would say this is seven times five we could also write it like this we could write it 7.5 this and this mean the exact same thing it means we're multiplying 7 times 5 or 5 times 7 you can actually switch the order and you get the exact same value you could actually write it 5 times 7 so you can interpret this as seven five times or five seven times however you like to do it or five seven times don't want to confuse you just want to show you that these are all equivalent this is also equivalent five times seven same thing you could write them in parenthesis you could write it like this this all means the same thing that's seven times five and so is this these all evaluate to the same thing five times seven so these are all equivalent and since we've worked with it so much let's just figure out the answer so we add up five to itself seven times when we get well five plus five is 10 10 plus 5 is 15 plus 5 is 20 plus five is 25 plus five is 30 plus 5 is 35 so all of these all of these valuate 2:35 all of these evaluate 2:35 just so you see that they're the same thing these are all equivalent to 35 and just something to think about this is also the exact same thing depending how you want to interpret this as seven five times so seven five times it didn't ask us to do it but I thought I would point it out to you seven five times would look like this seven plus seven plus seven plus seven plus seven right I have seven five times I've added it to itself five different to others five seven zero added to them to each other and when you add these up you'll also get 35 and that's why five times seven and seven times five is the same thing