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let's multiply 4 times 2012 actually let's make it a little bit simpler let's multiply 4 times 201 just to just to simplify things a little bit 4 times 201 so as we've seen in previous videos I like to write the larger number on top this is just one of many ways of tackling a calculation like this all right the 201 and then I'll write the 4 right below it and I'll write it right below the ones place and so I have 201 times 4 now just like we did when we were multiplying a 1/2 times the two-digit we do the essentially the same process we first multiply 4 times the 1 well 4 times 1 we know is equal to 4 so we put a 4 right over there in the ones place then we can multiply our four times the digit that we have in the tens place in this case we have a 0 in the tens place so 4 times 0 well that's just 0 4 times 0 0 we put the 0 in the tens place right over here and then last we have 4 times 4 times this 2 right over here and so 4 times 2 is equal to 8 and we put the 8 right over here and we get our answer 804 now why did this work well remember when we multiplied 4 times 1 that was literally just 4 and we've got that 4 right over here when we multiply 4 times 0 that's 0 10 so we got zero tens right over here and when we multiplied 4 times 2 this was actually a 200 it's in the hundreds place so 4 times 200 is 800 so what we're essentially doing by writing it in the right places we're saying 4 x 201 that's the same thing as 4 times 200 which is 800 plus 4 times 0 tens which is 0 tens plus 4 times 1 which is 4 so 800 plus 0 plus 4 is 804