alcohols and phenols

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5D: If you’ve ever walked through the wards of a hospital, you’ve probably noticed dozens of alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers, which quickly clean the hands of healthcare workers between seeing patients. Alcohols serve many other functions. You will gain a strong understanding of the nomenclature, properties and reactions of alcohols and phenols, along with the criteria for determining aromaticity in heterocyles. By the way, if you’re wondering where the term “aromaticity” comes from, many of the earliest aromatic compounds, like benzene and toluene, were noted to have pleasant odors, and the name for this structural class has stuck ever since.

Alcohols and phenols questions

Questions pertaining to alcohols and phenols

Alcohol nomenclature

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Properties of alcohols

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Oxidation of alcohols

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Protection of alcohols

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Questions pertaining to alcohols and phenols

Aromatic heterocycles

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