Balancing chemical equations

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We are now going to look at chemical reactions. But as we do, we need to make sure that atoms aren't magically appearing or disappearing. Put another way, we need to sure that we have the same number of each constituent atom in the product of the reaction as we do in the reactants (the molecules that react)!

Chemical reactions introduction

VIDEO 9:13 minutes
Reactants and products in reversible and irreversible chemical reactions.

Balancing chemical equations

VIDEO 5:04 minutes
How to balance a chemical reaction by making sure you have the same number of atoms of each element on both sides.

Balancing more complex chemical equations

VIDEO 4:37 minutes
Example of balancing the combustion reaction of ethylene. Some tips on how to balance more complicated reactions.

Visually understanding balancing chemical equations

VIDEO 4:37 minutes
Relating the balanced chemical equation to the structural formulas of the reactants and product.s.

Balancing another combustion reaction

VIDEO 4:58 minutes
Balancing the combustion reaction of ethane.

Balancing chemical equation with substitution

VIDEO 4:12 minutes
Using the substitution method to balance a reaction where a reactant and product have a polyatomic ion in common.

Balancing chemical equations 1

Practice balancing chemical equations

Complete ionic and net ionic equations

How to use the molecular equation to find the complete ionic and net ionic equation