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States of matter and intermolecular forces

States of matterStates of matter follow-upSpecific heat and latent heat of fusion and vaporizationSpecific heat, heat of fusion and vaporization exampleChilling water problemChange of state exampleVapor pressurePhase diagrams
Van der Waals forcesSolubility and intermolecular forcesSurface tensionCapillary action and why we see a meniscusBoiling points of organic compoundsBoiling point comparison: AP Chemistry multiple choiceSolubility of organic compounds2015 AP Chemistry free response 2f
MolaritySuspensions, colloids and solutionsBoiling point elevation and freezing point depression

About this unit

Have you ever wondered how some insects are able to "skate" on the surface of water? We will learn about how intermolecular forces make this possible. We will also cover liquids, solids, mixtures, and phase changes.