DNA replication

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When you make a copy of something, how perfect does the copy need to be? If that something is your DNA, the answer is, pretty perfect! Errors during DNA copying can lead to cancer and other health conditions. Learn how cells use a group of different enzymes to accurately copy their DNA, and how they detect and repair copying errors and DNA damage.

DNA replication and RNA transcription and translation

VIDEO 15:24 minutes
How DNA is copied (replication). How information in DNA can be used to make a protein.

Molecular mechanism of DNA replication

Roles of DNA polymerases and other replication enzymes. Leading and lagging strands and Okazaki fragments.

Mode of DNA replication: Meselson-Stahl experiment

A key historical experiment that demonstrated the semi-conservative mechanism of DNA replication.

DNA proofreading and repair

Mechanisms to correct errors during DNA replication and to repair DNA damage over the cell's lifetime.

Telomeres and telomerase

Telomeres as protective "caps" on the tips of eukaryotic chromosomes. How telomerase extends telomeres.