Mars: Modern exploration

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What are the conditions on the surface of Mars? Does it have life? Does it have water? Was the ancient environment habitable on Mars? This tutorial covers 20th century discoveries.

GAME: Cruise to Mars

Press launch to send satellite to Mars. If you miss you can relaunch!

INTERACT: Exploring orbits

Click and drag to launch the satellite into orbit.

Mariner 4


Mariner 9


Viking mission

VIDEO 4:22 minutes
Overview of the Viking mission

Mars global surveyor

VIDEO 2:32 minutes

Dry ice experiment

VIDEO 2:28 minutes


VIDEO 2:43 minutes
Short video introducing the people behind the Pathfinder mission. For more information check out NASA's mission page

Mars odyssey

VIDEO 1:13 minutes

Mars express

VIDEO 3:14 minutes
Summary of the Mars Express Orbiter.For more information check out the mission page.

Martian methane

VIDEO 2:25 minutes

Spirit & opportunity

VIDEO 8:00 minutes

Modern discoveries


INTERACT: Features of Mars

Click and drag to rotate Mars