Dividing fractions by fractions

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We're now ready to get some solid practice dividing fractions by fractions. However, we're not just going to give you practice problems, we're going to explain why we do them this way and where the answer comes from. So let's get going. Common Core Standard: 6.NS.A.1

Understanding division of fractions

VIDEO 5:42 minutes
Using a number line, we'll explain the rule of "invert and multiply" when dividing two fractions.

Dividing fractions example

VIDEO 1:17 minutes
This is a straightforward example of dividing two fractions. We'll make super clear!

Dividing fractions example 2

VIDEO 3:36 minutes
Let's take another stab at dividing two fractions. This time the answer should be a mixed number.

Dividing fractions

Practice dividing fractions by fractions. No negative numbers are used in this exercise.

Dividing whole numbers and fractions: t-shirts

VIDEO 2:08 minutes
Dividing a whole number by a fraction? Turn the tables and multiply by the reciprocal of the fraction. Boom!

Dividing fractions word problems

Practice solving word problems by dividing fractions by fractions.