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Dividing whole numbers to get a decimal


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let's take 63 and divide it by 35 so the first thing that we might say is okay well 35 doesn't go into 6 it does go into 63 it goes into 63 one time because 2 times 35 is 70 so that's too big so it goes one time so let me write that it goes one time one times 35 is 35 and then if we were to subtract and we can regroup up here we can take a 10 from the 60 so it becomes a 50 give that 10 to the 3 so it becomes a 13 13 minus 5 is 8 5 minus 3 is 2 so you could just say hey 63 divided by 35 let me write this you could say 63 divided by 35 is equal to 1 remainder 28 1 remainder 28 but this isn't so satisfying we know that the real answer is going to be 1 point something something something so what I want to do is keep dividing I want to divide this thing completely and see what type of a decimal I actually get and to do that I essentially have to add a decimal here and then just keep bringing down decimal places to the right of the decimal so 63 is the exact same thing as 60 3.0 and I could add as many zeros as I might want to add here so what we could do is we just make sure that this decimal is right over there if we can now bring down a zero from the tens place right over here and you bring down that zero and now we ask ourselves how many times is 35 go into 280 and as always this is a bit of an art when you're dividing a two-digit number into a three-digit number so let's see it's definitely going to be let's see if I were to say so for 40 goes into 287 times 30 goes into 280 about goes about 9 times it's going to be between 7 & 9 so let's let's try 8 so let's see what 35 times 8 is 35 times 8 5 times 8 is 40 3 times 8 is 24 plus 4 is 28 so it actually works out perfectly so 35 goes into 280 exact exactly eight times eight times five we already figured it out eight times thirty-five is exactly 280 and we don't have any remainder now so we don't have to bring down any more of these zeros so now we know exactly that 63 divided by 35 is equal to exactly one point eight