Honestly, once you remember one very important rule, the rest of adding and subtracting decimals is a snap. That rule is to be sure and align your decimals first. In this tutorial, you'll get a chance to practice this with us and become fluent adding decimals. We'll tackle subtracting decimals in the next tutorial.

You've already multiplied decimals in the 5th grade. We'll show you some ways to handle slightly more complicated problems. Now you'll become super good at it with a bit more practice! Common Core Standard: 6.NS.B.3

In 3rd grade, you learned that there is an easier way to write "5+5+5". You saw that 5+5+5=3x5. But is there an easier way to write repeated multiplication (like "5x5x5")? Absolutely! That's exactly what exponents are for! Common Core Standard: 6.EE.A.1

In this tutorial, we learn the "order of operations" to evaluate more complex expressions involving exponents, parentheses, multiplication and division, and addition and subtraction.