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so let's calculate what two-fifths / 7/3 is and I encourage you to pause this video and try to calculate this on your own well we just have to remind ourselves this is going to be the exact same thing as two over five as two over five times times the reciprocal of 7/3 which is three over seven which is 3 over seven and then multiplying two fractions is pretty straightforward this is just going to be equal to the product of the numerators so two times three two times three over the product of the denominators over five times seven five times seven trying to keep the colors consistent five times seven which of course is going to be equal to two times three is equal to six and five times seven I'll do this in a new color let's see I haven't used I haven't used the shade of blue yet five times seven of course is equal to 35 so this is equal to 630 fifths