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Civil liberties and civil rights

AP Gov: CON‑6 (EU), LOR‑2 (EU), LOR‑3 (EU), PMI‑3 (EU), PRD‑1 (EU)
AP Gov: LOR‑2 (EU), LOR‑2.A (LO), LOR‑2.A.1 (EK), LOR‑2.A.2 (EK), LOR‑2.A.3 (EK), LOR‑2.B (LO), LOR‑2.B.1 (EK)
AP Gov: LOR‑2 (EU), LOR‑2.C (LO), LOR‑2.C.5 (EK)
AP Gov: CON‑6 (EU), CON‑6.A (LO), CON‑6.A.2 (EK)

About this unit

How does the Constitution protect civil liberties and rights? How have different Supreme Court interpretations of different amendments impacted and defined civil rights in the U.S.?
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