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Political participation

AP Gov: MPA‑3 (EU), PMI‑5 (EU), PRD‑2 (EU), PRD‑3 (EU)
AP Gov: MPA‑3 (EU), MPA‑3.C (LO), MPA‑3.C.1 (EK), MPA‑3.C.2 (EK), MPA‑3.C.3 (EK)
AP Gov: PMI‑5 (EU), PMI‑5.A (LO), PMI‑5.A.1 (EK), PMI‑5.B (LO), PMI‑5.B.1 (EK)
AP Gov: PMI‑5 (EU), PMI‑5.D (LO), PMI‑5.D.1 (EK), PMI‑5.D.2 (EK)
AP Gov: PMI‑5 (EU), PMI‑5.E (LO), PMI‑5.E.1 (EK), PMI‑5.E.2 (EK), PMI‑5.F (LO), PMI‑5.F.1 (EK), PMI‑5.G (LO), PMI‑5.G.1 (EK), PMI‑5.G.2 (EK), PMI‑5.G.3 (EK)
AP Gov: PRD‑2 (EU), PRD‑2.C (LO), PRD‑2.C.1 (EK)
AP Gov: PRD‑2 (EU), PRD‑2.D (LO), PRD‑2.D.1 (EK)
AP Gov: PRD‑2 (EU), PRD‑2.E (LO), PRD‑2.E.1 (EK), PRD‑2.E.2 (EK), PRD‑2.E.3 (EK)
AP Gov: PRD‑3 (EU), PRD‑3.A (LO), PRD‑3.A.1 (EK), PRD‑3.A.2 (EK)
AP Gov: PRD‑3 (EU), PRD‑3.B (LO), PRD‑3.B.1 (EK), PRD‑3.B.2 (EK), PRD‑3.B.3 (EK)

About this unit

This unit covers how citizens participate directly and indirectly in the government of the United States. Learn about voting rights and voter turnout, how presidential and congressional elections work, and how linkage institutions like the media, political parties, and interest groups connect individuals with government.
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