Deadweight loss

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We can often lose economic efficiency because of things like price floors, ceilings and taxes. This loss in surplus (people who have more marginal benefit than marginal cost are not buying or people who have more marginal cost than benefit are buying) is called deadweight loss.

Minimum wage and price floors

VIDEO 9:06 minutes
How a minimum wage might effect the labor market

Taxation and dead weight loss

VIDEO 9:06 minutes
The effect of taxation on the equilibrium price and quantity

Percentage tax on hamburgers

VIDEO 5:40 minutes
What would happen if we have a percentage tax instead of a fixed dollar amount

Taxes and perfectly inelastic demand

VIDEO 7:51 minutes
Who bears the burden for the taxes when demand is inelastic

Taxes and perfectly elastic demand

VIDEO 6:52 minutes
Who bears the burden for a tax on a good with perfectly elastic demand