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Thinking about a demand curve in terms of quantity driving price. Created by Sal Khan.
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in all of our conversation about demand curve so far generally we talked about price driving quantity so for example we have been saying using say this demand curve right here for new car in terms of how many would be sold per day we would say things like we, look if price at $ 60.000 per car this is in thousands of dollars, we are going to sell one car and if price will be $50.000 per car we are going to sell 2 cars, so the way I'm going talking about is giving a price how many how many we actually going to sell what I am doing in his video is thinking about other way around we are looking at the exact demand curve, the exact relation sheep between price and quantity but we are going to conceptualize in our heads in slightly different way when we are going to think about in terms of quantity driving driving price and in thinking in that way imagine that we are producers of this given model of