Inspire girls to be #FutureCoders

In the U.S., March is an annual celebration of women in history for their past achievements, inspiring dreams, and impact on society. This year, we want to focus on the next generation and think about the girls who will one day be women who can create history.

We hope you'll join us here on Khan Academy in learning about the history of women in computing and inspiring the next generation of girls to become women in computing themselves.

Who will be the computing women of the future?

It could be you, or a woman you know! We have a variety of courses on Khan Academy where anyone can learn the basics of computer programming and computer science. Start with just an hour to get a taste of what you can create- if you keep going, you'll soon be making interactive programs.

The women of computing today

Brenda Jin is a mobile frontend developer for, and in her free time, she creates electronic music, cycles around San Francisco, and hikes. She taught herself programming and thinks that you can, too. ☺

Sarah Northway designs and programs indie video games, like Rebuild, a post-apocalyptic strategy game. She thinks the best way to learn programming is to find a project you love (like she did with games), and keep at it!

The women of computing past

Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician, known for her work on the Analytical Engine. She wrote the first algorithm for a program, before computers were even able to run program, so she is often called the first computer programmer. Learn more in this 5-minute video from SciShow.

Grace Hopper was an U.S. Navy general, and one of the pioneering computer scientists. She invented the first "compiler" to turn human-friendly code into assembly code, plus popularized the term "debugging". Learn more in this 16-minute documentary from FiveThirtyEight.

A mother coding with her daughter.

Are you a parent or teacher that wants to encourage more girls in computing?
Check out the great resources from the National Center for Women & Information Technology.