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AP CSP: BI 6, EU 6.1, EU 6.2, EU 6.3, EU 7.3
AP CSP: BI 6, EK 6.2.2H, EK 6.3.1M, EK 7.3.1G, EK 7.3.1H, EU 6.2, EU 6.3, EU 7.3, LO 6.2.2, LO 6.3.1, LO 7.3.1

About this unit

This unit covers how the internet works. Learn about the physical layer (like WiFi and Ethernet), the protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, TLS, HTTPS), encryption techniques, cybersecurity, and privacy. With more than 150 questions, you can practice what you've learned and study for the AP Computer Science Principles exam.
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