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AP CSP: BI 4, BI 5, EU 4.1, EU 4.2, EU 5.4
AP CSP: BI 4, EK 4.1.1A, EK 4.1.1B, EK 4.1.1C, EK 4.1.1D, EK 4.1.2A, EK 4.1.2B, EK 4.1.2C, EK 4.1.2F, EK 4.1.2G, EK 4.1.2H, EU 4.1, LO 4.1.1, LO 4.1.2
AP CSP: EK 4.1.1H, EK 4.2.1A, EK 4.2.1B, EK 4.2.1C, EK 4.2.4A, EK 4.2.4B, EK 4.2.4C, EK 4.2.4D, EK 4.2.4E, EK 4.2.4F, EK 4.2.4G, EK 4.2.4H, EK 5.4.1I, EU 4.1, EU 4.2, EU 5.4, LO 4.1.1, LO 4.2.1, LO 4.2.4, LO 5.4.1
AP CSP: BI 4, EK 4.2.1C, EK 4.2.1D, EK 4.2.2A, EK 4.2.2B, EK 4.2.2C, EK 4.2.2D, EK 4.2.3A, EK 4.2.3B, EK 4.2.3C, EU 4.1, EU 4.2, LO 4.2.1, LO 4.2.2, LO 4.2.3
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About this unit

This unit gives an overview of algorithms: expressing algorithms in flow chart and pseudocode, verifying their correctness, and measuring their efficiency. We also explore heuristics-based approaches for problems that can’t be solved in a reasonable amount of time and introduce the existence of undecidable problems. With more than 70 questions, you can practice what you've learned and study for the AP Computer Science Principles exam.
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