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so in this video we're going to show you how to put the antenna on spout and this requires a fair amount of precision so we want to be really careful when we put the hot glue on but what we've done is we've bent a paper clip out and you can tell there's a straight side to the paper clip and we want to leave one of those sides completely straight but we're gonna bend out the rest of the paper clip and try and get rid of as many of the kinks as we can but it's important to leave that that side the last little bit straight and and not bend it because it'll make it a lot easier to connect so it should look about like this when you get done so we're going to take our spout bot we're gonna turn it on its side if you have a partner they can hold it for you otherwise a roll of tape works well and you want to make sure that that antenna points straight down and we're gonna try and line it up on the switch so we're gonna put the paper clip the straight smooth flat part of the paper clip on the switch and so we're gonna hot glue it in place and it's it's easy to get too much or too little hot glue on this so you want to make sure there's enough hot glue to completely cover the paper clip on both sides but no more because if you spill hot glue over it it'll stick on the switch and the switch won't work properly so you'll need to make sure that it's held in place tightly and you'll have to hold it for a little while until the glue turns opaque or that milky color and it's completely cool and then you'll be ready to do the other side the exact same way and you'll have antennae on your bot okay once you get both of the antennas done you're gonna want to test it out and see how it runs I'll leave the LEDs off for now just to see because we're just interested in in looking at how well the bot runs and what it does so you can see it moves okay sort of bumps into things and backs up a little bit but I think there's probably a way we can optimize it make it run a little bit better