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Give Spout some grippy feet

Created by Karl Wendt.

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Video transcript

After the last video, if you paid a lot of attention to why Spout wasn't backing up, you realize that it was because there wasn't enough friction between the axle of the motor and the surface Spout was running on. So we're going to apply some electrical tape to the axles of the motors to increase the amount of friction between the motor and the surface of the table – so when Spout bumps into something, he's able to back up right away. So we should see an increase in both the speed of Spout’s movement and his ability to react to the environment around him. So let's see how much of a difference it's made. You can see he's frenetic now. He wants to get out really bad. He wants to go run and play. So it definitely has improved his ability to react to the environment around him, and react to the obstacles he faces, and improve the speed at which he moves.