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so in this video we're gonna use a paper clip to add a little tail to spout to help to reduce some of its some of his friction as he's moving around on the ground this may help improve the performance of the bot so let's see we're gonna just take a paper clip and bend it out and then cut it with our needle nose there on with a cutting section and just gonna try and get that tail to stick down not quite as far as the motors but further than the the back of the battery holder right now and you can sort of make yours whatever shape you like but this basically will allow the bot to have a lot less drag on the ground so it works pretty well when it's running over a smooth surface so again once you've got it bent in it and it fits pretty well between the two switches you can you know obviously adjust it and bend it to where it's just the right height and lines up perfectly and then once you've got that figured out you can take your hot glue gun and hot glue it in place and I'll also use the hot glue when when I glue this in place to hold that last wire the the yellow wire in place too because some of the hot glue will spill over onto it there and again there we go where's the hot glue gun there it is alright so again you want to make sure there's a fair amount of glue on it and you got to let it sit until the glue has turned opaque alright now that the glue is dry let's try it out see if it's any better well that's a little better a little bit more responsive so we can see that spout is starting to back up a little bit better on his own I mean he still does need a little bit of help sometimes to get the switches to trigger so he'll he'll back up next video we're gonna see if we can optimize spout even more so he's more energetic and reactive and he backs up better when he bumps into new obstacles