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Motor controller connection to Arduino

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this video we're going to connect our molar motor controller to our Arduino we've run the wires from the motor controller underneath the Arduino we just need to figure out which wires are which so we can determine what pins to connect those wires to so we're setting our multimeter to open and this will allow us to test for continuity so when you hear the beep it means that there's a continuous electrical flow there and it'll allow us to identify which wire is which so when we don't hear a beep that means it's not the same wire but when we do that means that that wire is continuous so we know which wire is which so we can use our multimeter to tell us which wires which so we're going to take that that wire there which is our l1 wire and we're gonna we've already created a list of where we want our pin outs to go so our l1 wire we're saying is going to go to pin d-10 so when we when we create our code on our computer we'll use this list to tell us which pin out is is which on the in the code and that'll help us make sure that we get all of our functionality lined up correctly ok so we've got our first one done and now we need to to move on to the next one we're going to use our multimeter again and so we're just going to go to L l2 and so we're going to connect l2 to digital pin 8 and so we'll turn our multimeter to open again and well we'll okay so we're gonna go through and and take a look at where l2 is see if we can figure out which wire that is okay so it's our second wire down there that's where l2 is and we determined in our list that we created that l2 was going to be let's see d8 digital pin 8 so we'll finish connecting the rest of the wires using the same method just checking their continuity and then connecting them to the same pin out that is on our list if you're going to use the same kotas as us make sure that you follow the same pin outs and we'll post that online the d9 pin out that's listed in this list here was actually inaccurate so we crossed that out because we were using d9 as you can see at the top there but the next video we're going to show you how to wire up the camera and the sound card