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Power connector for the Arduino

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okay in this video we're going to show you how to make a power connector for your Arduino so the most important thing to remember here is that the center pin of our connector is positive so we're going to connect our red wire to the center pin and we're just going to loop it around and loop and and hook it through the hole in the center pin once we've done that we'll crimp the wire to make sure it's firmly in place and then we're going to solder the wire so that it stays where we where we put it we're just using our alligator clip on the helping hands there to hold it in place we're going to do the same thing for the negative wire which goes to the outside loop it through and then we're just going to crimp that in place make sure that we've got a pretty good connection between the wire and the metal and then we're going to again solder that wire in place and once we've got those two wires soldered in place we need to put some something between them otherwise they'll short out next to each other so we're going to just put a piece of electrical tape between those two connections between the two wires there and that'll maintain the that'll keep them from touching each other and shorting out I'm going to take a piece of shrink wrap tubing and slide it on up the wires and to the connector and this will just help provide a nice snug fit against our our final piece so the shrink wrap tubing is in place remember you want to make sure that that shrink wrap tubing is a pretty snug fit so we're just heating it with our shrink wrap gun and it's all shrunk now shrunk down now and now we're going to insert the the plastic fitting the collar over the shrink wrap tubing and just twist it into place there on our connector so now our we almost have a completely finished connector so we're going to take the bottom of the wires and insert them into our five volt power strip that we have so the positive wire goes on the positive side the negative of the negative side and then we're just going to loop the wires around and connect our connector to our Arduino and just push it into place and now we're going to test to see if it works so we'll turn it on and when we turn it on you can see a bright red LED light up and we're looking for our green LED on the Arduino and you can see that right in the corner there so we're ready to go