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Bit-zeeeeeeeeeee (long version)

Video transcript
SPEAKER 1: He can spin in circles. SPEAKER 2: OK. Let's see what this one does. SPEAKER 3: That makes [INAUDIBLE]. SPEAKER 2: He's making really weird noises. SPEAKER 4: Hello! SPEAKER 1: Try and take a picture. SPEAKER 2: No, stop! SPEAKER 3: It's made out of a bunch of things that you'd have around the house, like an alarm clock, a hair dryer, a coffee machine. A lot of things that have everyday uses. SPEAKER 1: A microphone, the silver band from a coffeemaker. SPEAKER 2: They had bottlecaps, and then other pieces of the bottle. And they had some parts from a hair dryer, and it also has a speaker from an alarm clock. SPEAKER 4: On the count of three. SPEAKER 1: No, let me do it. Let me do it. SPEAKER 3: All three of us. SPEAKER 2: One, two, three. ALL: Me! SPEAKER 5: Hello there! SPEAKER 2: OK, ready? BIT-ZEE: Me! SPEAKER 5: Wait, can I have the remote. SPEAKER 1: No, I want to say, [INAUDIBLE]. SPEAKER 2: It has a lot of cool science and math stuff in it, which I don't know yet, because I haven't learned. Whoa! SPEAKER 5: I think that's from the band. Is that from the band? My favorite thing about Bit-Zee bot is probably all of it.