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Random variables

AP Stats: UNC (BI), UNC‑3 (EU), VAR (BI), VAR‑5 (EU)
AP Stats: VAR (BI), VAR‑6 (EU), VAR‑6.A (LO), VAR‑6.A.2 (EK), VAR‑6.A.3 (EK), VAR‑6.B (LO), VAR‑6.B.1 (EK), VAR‑6.B.2 (EK)

About this unit

A random variable is some outcome from a chance process, like how many heads will occur in a series of 20 flips (a discrete random variable), or how many seconds it took someone to read this sentence (a continuous random variable). We calculate probabilities of random variables, calculate expected value, and look what happens when we transform and combine random variables.
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