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Sampling distributions

AP Stats: UNC (BI), UNC‑3 (EU)
AP Stats: UNC‑3 (EU), UNC‑3.H (LO), UNC‑3.H.1 (EK), UNC‑3.H.5 (EK), UNC‑3.I (LO), UNC‑3.I.1 (EK)
Introduction to sampling distributionsSample statistic bias worked example
Biased and unbiased estimatorsGet 3 of 4 questions to level up!
AP Stats: UNC (BI), UNC‑3 (EU), UNC‑3.K (LO), UNC‑3.K.1 (EK), UNC‑3.K.2 (EK), UNC‑3.L (LO), UNC‑3.L.1 (EK), UNC‑3.M (LO), UNC‑3.M.1 (EK)
Sampling distribution of sample proportion part 1Sampling distribution of sample proportion part 2Normal conditions for sampling distributions of sample proportionsProbability of sample proportions exampleSampling distribution of a sample proportion example
AP Stats: UNC (BI), UNC‑3 (EU), UNC‑3.H (LO), UNC‑3.H.2 (EK), UNC‑3.H.3 (EK), UNC‑3.H.5 (EK), UNC‑3.Q (LO), UNC‑3.Q.1 (EK), UNC‑3.Q.2 (EK), UNC‑3.R (LO), UNC‑3.R.1 (EK), UNC‑3.R.2 (EK), UNC‑3.S (LO), UNC‑3.S.1 (EK)
Central limit theoremSampling distribution of the sample meanSampling distribution of the sample mean 2Standard error of the meanExample: Probability of sample mean exceeding a valueSampling distribution of a sample mean example
Finding probabilities with sample meansGet 3 of 4 questions to level up!

About this unit

A sampling distribution shows every possible result a statistic can take in every possible sample from a population and how often each result happens. This unit covers how sample proportions and sample means behave in repeated samples.
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