The 2015 program is over. Thank you to all teachers who participated and encouraged their students to learn coding. Contact if you have questions about the program.

Public school teachers, introduce your students to coding and earn $1000 or more for your classroom!

We want public high school students, especially girls and students of color, to discover the magic of coding-- and that's why we've partnered to create this program. Each eligible student who completes the Khan Academy computer programming course will earn Google-sponsored gift codes for your classroom.

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Steps for teachers

Step 1

Sign up or log in to Khan Academy.

Register your classroom for the rewards program.

Add your students to your Khan Academy class.

Step 2

Get your students to complete the computer programming course. Gift codes are only distributed for this computer programming course, not any other course on Khan Academy.

Step 3 will email you a $100 gift code for each student who completed the course. They’ll also email you a $1,000 gift code when ten students traditionally underrepresented in computer science (girls, or boys who identify as Black or Latino) complete the course!

What is is a website where public school teachers like you can create projects requesting materials for students to use in the classroom.
Why is Google funding these rewards?
Google wants every student to have the opportunity to study computer science, so that the world's most talented and diverse people have access to this great field. Learn more.
Do I need to be a STEM teacher to participate?
All public high school teachers regardless of subject can participate. Whether you’re teaching English, math or art history - if your students can type, they can get started with this course.
Can my students participate if they are not in grades 9-12?
This incentives program is only for high school students in grades 9-12. Younger students are welcome to go through the curriculum, but middle school classes are not eligible for the Google-funded rewards.
Can our school participate if it is not public?
At this time, rewards can only be applied to public school classrooms in the U.S. You can read more details in this FAQ and contact them if you're still not sure if you're eligible. Even if your school doesn't qualify for the rewards, all students are welcome to go through the curriculum!
Where is the course that my students must complete?
Your students should go through our Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation course, completing all 35 challenges. We do not look at whether they've watched the videos (since some classes watch together or learn in other means) and we do not look at whether they've completed the projects (as those are a new and experimental part of the course).
What is the deadline for completing the course?
The deadline is March 17, 2015. Students should complete the entire course before that date to be eligible for gift codes. Rewards are first come, first served, and the sooner your students complete the course, the better your chances of receiving gift codes. We’ll update this page if available funding is running low.
How do gift codes work?
We’ll tally up the number of students who complete the course by March 17, 2015, and will send you one gift code via email that represents $100 in credits for every student who completes the course. We’ll also include a survey for your students to fill out in that email, and if 10 or more students fill our the survey and indicate that they are underrepresented in CS (girls, or boys who identify as Black or Latino) we’ll email you an additional $1,000 gift code as a thank-you for helping your students learn to code. To get resources for your classroom, create a project of your own and use the rewards to fund it! Check out some of the great things you can get for your classroom.
Is there a limit to how much money one person or school can obtain?
One teacher can receive rewards for up to 30 students ($3,000), plus one $1,000 “kicker” for having 10 girls/students of color complete the course. The “kicker” is limited to 1 per teacher. The maximum one teacher can receive is $4,000 in gift codes.
When can I use my gift code?
The initial gift codes will be emailed to you during the week of March 23, 2015, and you’ll have 6 months to use the funds towards a project on The kicker codes will be emailed to you in April, and you’ll have 6 months to utilize those as well.
Where can my students set their race/gender?
When emails you your first gift code, they’ll also include a wrap-up survey for your students to fill out in that email. If 10 or more students fill our the survey and indicate that they are underrepresented in CS (girls, or boys who identify as Black or Latino) we’ll email you an additional $1,000 in funding as a thank-you for helping your students learn to code.
Can my students earn rewards if they completed this course last year?
Google wants to help as many students as possible get introduced to computer science, so only new students are eligible for this year’s rewards.
What will my students learn?
They'll learn how to write programs that draw a crazy face, design custom clothing, and make a digital bookshelf, all while learning the basic parts of JavaScript and discovering their potential to create something cool with code. Learn more about the course here.
How long will the course take?
The course takes about 15 hours, depending on how much time is spent on the optional projects. Some teachers opt to have students work on the projects after the deadline, so that students have more time to spend on them, and teachers have more time to arrange Show & Tells and (if assigning a grade) assess their effort. You can assign students to work on it during classtime or as homework, as well as offer extra credit, start an after-school coding club, or spend a week on JavaScript programming in your classroom.
What Khan Academy coaching tools can I use with the course?
If you are familiar with Khan Academy, you may be aware of various coaching tools that we provide for teachers and parents. For the programming curriculum, we provide tools to track course progress and programs created. However, we do not yet have a way for coaches to assign programming as a mission. See this guide for more info on our coach tools.
How do I know how many of my students have completed?
You can use the student progress viewer and click badges when viewing the progress for an individual student, and verify they've earned the "Intro to JS" mastery badge. Or, for a quick view of all your students at once, visit this status page. If they are still working through it, you should monitor their challenge completion in the student progress viewer, noticing as they get closer to "35/35 challenges completed".

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