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welcome to the Khan Academy the goal of this video is to show you all the different things that Khan Academy has it has videos it has exercises it has an adaptive super I guess you could call it robot tutor thing that will guide you through content and make sure you master it and so let's just take each of those one by one so many of y'all are probably coming to the sign saying hey I have an exam tomorrow on DNA or I didn't understand quite what's happening in class well they're the best thing to do might just be go to the search bar let me make sure you can see the search bar to go to the search bar and you could search for DN DNA and when you do that you see that no your first choice right over here is a DNA video and this is actually the main video on DNA in which you could start watching or if you look to the right right over here you see that there's all other related videos it under heredity and genetics and then you could start browsing from there you could say okay let me back up a second let me go back to just all of biology and I can see all of the sections are there similarly you might want to search for something in mathematics you might want to say oh you know I have question about quadratics quadratics so I'm going to search there like okay well let's see there's something about using the quadratic formula factoring quadratics - well I don't know which of these is right for me so let me just let me just let me just go into one of these and start getting a little bit of context and so you see that this this what I actually just clicked on is actually an exercise that gets me to solve quadratics by factoring - and I want to I need to write my answer here if I don't know the answer I have a bunch of hints if this all looks like a Greek to me I can click on a I can click on a video that solves a very similar problem or I might say you know this is what I was looking for but look I look over here they're solving a quadratic equation by factoring factoring quadratic equations maybe this is what I need to learn or maybe I'm not even thinking about this stuff so let me just move up a level to quadratic equations and now I can see the whole topic here solving quadratics by taking square roots solving quadratics by factoring completing the square the quadratic formula quadratic equation graphing quadratics now in general if you just Brow's let me just see all the subjects that are available on Khan Academy you can go to this drop-down right over here and this starts to give you a sense of the breadth of the content on Khan Academy so just in math each of these is an entire subject so K through second math you have early you have precalculus goes all the way up to multivariable calculus integral calculus and if I were to kick click on any one of these things if I were to click on any one of these things it's going to take me into something called a mission so a mission it's going to give me a set of exercises we call this right over here the mission the mission warm-up and based on how I perform on these calculus questions the system is trying to get a sense of what I know and don't know and then it will use that to give me guided practice so that I can learn more and more and more calculus eventually mastering calculus at any point if I have difficulty there's always videos here that will help me understand the actual calculus and so once I'm done with that I will go to this dashboard and it will just tell me about how much have I progressed in integral calculus what have I mastered what have I not practiced yet what are my different badges now if you do not want to move immediately into this mission world and you want to say hey well what does Khan Academy have when it comes to calculus in an unguided way well that's where you go full view full list of integral calculus content and then you will go to this page where you see the breadth and scope of the integral content integrals integration techniques integration applications sequences in series AP calculus practice problems and if you click there you see the different you do the different tutorials with them indefinite integrals as anti derivative area under a rate function as net change so hopefully that gives you a sense of things and we don't just have math and we just don't have science we have a whole section here on computer programming which is tons of fun where you can write your own you can write your own computer programs as these are I'm losing my son's account right now these are this is a computer program that we wrote this right here is a computer program that we wrote together the other the other day it was very good father father-son bonding time and we have things in the arts and humanities like history and art history which is also very very very exciting and we have partner content we have partner content from the likes of from the likes of the Museum of Modern Art expert or iam JP Getty Museum the British Museum so a lot of stuff here hopefully this video gives you a flavor of the different ways that you can use Khan Academy