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Student story: Prioritizing financial aid in the college search

A student shares their experience navigating the financial aid process for college. They emphasize the importance of researching each college's financial aid policies, as these policies can differ significantly. The student also highlights the need to contact financial aid officers for clarification and to focus on colleges that offer the best financial aid packages.

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Video transcript

- The financial aid process was a long, arduous one for me to learn about. There are tons of different financial aid; each college does it differently. Sometimes you might have to learn about how one school does it and how another. There's a lot of similarities a lot of times so they can transfer, but you always have to be specific with any college that you look into. What I learned is that some colleges give you a hundred percent, or a hundred percent of financial aid of tuition and board and that sort of thing. When I learned of that and I learned that your parents can't make above a certain threshold for you to qualify for these sort of financial aid, I looked into what the thresholds were for some of the schools I was interested in and figured out which one offered that sort of package, and I definitely keyed in on those and sort of emphasized those in my application process, worked harder on those a little bit. It's a learning process, each college is different in some ways, one of the things I did is I contacted a financial aid officer at the school to learn a little bit more about the process, and so that's how I worked it out.