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Student story: Prioritizing size, campus, major, and selectivity in the college search

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    Is it possible to know what university he went to? I wanted to see what he considered a "reach" school to see if it really is possible to get to good schools you've dreamed of.
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      Everyone's reach schools will be different, depending on their academic and extra-curricular achievements. I attended my reach school, and the others I applied to were less selective, but there were students there who considered it a safety school and had also applied to Ivies.
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Video transcript

- Definitely a lot of factors you have to take into consideration. I personally wanted a smaller school mainly because I like that one-on-one connection with the professor where they know you by your first name. And definitely the campus... What they're known for. If you want to major in engineering you might want to look for a school that has good programs in that field. Lastly, my mentor told me "If you're not getting rejected from your colleges that you apply to, you're not pushing yourself far enough", and that kinda just encouraged me to go from the school that I knew I would get into... Say I have a group of five schools that I know I'm gonna get into, probably just apply to three of those, and then go for two reaches.