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- So another area you're gonna definitely want to think about as you're researching college is sort of campus activities. Again, this process starts with you know, you think a little bit about what you've done in high school, both in school and out of school, and do you want to continue those things at the college level? So, you creating a list of, "Hey, I wanna "still be able to play an instrument, "I want to be able to be involved in "clubs and groups I'm in." And then being able to research the school say, "Do they have those clubs and groups?" And to what extent are they there? Or if they're not there, can I create them at that school? So, again, it's part of the research you want to to do, it's part of seeing does that school have those sorts of things that I want to do outside of the classroom to really complement my college experience? And so, you definitely want to spend some time focusing on sort of campus activities. And those things may be very broad, It may be, "I really want to have a division one "athletic program because I like the energy "that that creates." to, "I really want to make sure that I can "play an instrument but still be a biology major." So, again, be specific, ask specific questions so you can really make sure that the school you're going to allows you to do the activities you want to do.