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Student story: Prioritizing size, selectivity, diversity and financial aid in the college search

A student shares their college search experience, focusing on factors like visiting different types of schools (public, private, religious), observing student interactions, diversity, selectivity, school size, and curriculum. They also emphasize the importance of financial aid packages in their decision-making process. 

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Video transcript

- One thing that helped me decide on which colleges to explore was I visited. I visited different types of school: Public, private, and religious. And I saw how the students interacted and just the diversity and the size of the school. The curriculum. I asked about the curriculum when I visited, because that was a big factor for me. I didn't want to go to too easy of a school, and I wanted to know if I was heading into a challenge. So when I took that in I just really was looking for a diverse, somewhat smaller school. And then what really helped was the financial aid package. That's always a helpful, deciding factor is the financial aid.