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Work and energy part 2 (Hindi)

More on work. Introduction to Kinetic and Potential Energies. Created by Ram Prakash.

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Video transcript

energy k ignite from Kabara me part a potential energy licking a skip away all week but recap call it a work or energy cube re me the work is the amount of energy transferred by a force optical agar marry pasok block good mass M key or here SP rakuyo egg frictionless surface B AB may speak force like an evil on F Newton's got right the chamois Tokioka kg block is falsely current displace hurry a coach D meter ski-doo Leeteuk to make us a town key work done by this force this is equal to force into displacement force F into displacement of the block D or qg speak for slogra to a block accelerate be kareoke epal arrest with E or finally Mononoke displacement K bars key final velocity huggy coach VF to make us a County yay work done because of this force is also equal to half into mass of the body into V final qahal square work done by this force is also equal to half M V final qahal square or histone comic neuron the data from Nakata Kiba Robert whenever he ki netic energy que habla co it's come at la ba gua he agar kisi body ki velocity co2 may accelerate kavacha change car now could be financed a change can now rest say - o spec to me it's now work at Napa Rica I got to kiss a body P half MV square jhulka buckaroo Tiana key husky velocity Reza Barca coach V final Suk ho jayegi out which numbers like I said a Clayton you have a mass mono kiku CH 5 kg Chi or V vinyl couch you gotta dust meter per second Triana key is summing the block you have a pot you BA D display so chewkey or ski velocity I just mean a per second so Austin Peay of ski kinetic energy year would I get couch half into mas Dukey f5 or into velocity or ski velocity a dust meter per second it's a whole square yeah Nikki sagermann calculate kuru we discuss quarter like a hundred divided by two hug a fifty-fifty into five and I get 252 energy kinetic energy who's on evaluate 250 joules key to starting my body your SPT or finally is khipus kinetic energy 250 joules key Jana get 250 Scott Walker Nepal Mooji is block or SC is thus meter per second key velocity palenik Li Tian aqui Achieva Yogi's ki ki agar media fools nahi battle or displacement nahi pata therapy may block belonging I love work done yeah me but a sock down again with your final velocity but I have block Quito so yeah Nikki agar many pass each block p4 slogra to us force K can work Don Nicola committee past daughter ek its Erica hoga force into displacement of the block or disorder Ikaruga half mass of the block into velocity final of the block optical year to each example a core example dick thing it's example me many block hommage arrests been here annually he happy Mary pass acre block here ski mask was the ski lotv abyss permit Cooper K direction vertically uber K direction make force Logano F Newton scar or year force me I Selig Aruna he block Hamish arrest pain you block hulky lq / g are you licking is key velocity he constant renewal he net acceleration zero has been a base block equal to displacement no grea which hundred meters ticket Tommy Mottola Ghana a key is force F key current kit now worked and wah so licked a work done because of force F huge Agee force F into displacement of the body the spaceman D of the body of the cordilla value time adv 100 meters give force key value K to they Co Q key highs blocky acceleration ay Maria to make us a talking net acceleration zero at the net force p0 hona chahiye so the quiz block peg gravity Kefauver Grogan ichika direction me MGS pellagra hogan ichika direction me a be hamari force here bill coolly balance kami je is gravity k for school we tone at 4:03 on ik e FK value ho k mg o Allaah Clayton work done due to our force F is key value a mg into displacement D above my M key value DV or G key value DV a yes a calculating collect Angeles a masa das kilo acceleration due to gravity is a we monolith and thus into displacement equals undred meter sky 100 meters the hamari pass answer agua one you see its colors a little a town one zero zero zero zero it's not Jules Newton meter yafflejuice it's not work then I'm Nakia about it what do three formulas addicting half MV square key formula C optical you're happy is blocking the co acceleration Hui knee Yannick escape velocity Mako change nahi an MRI yeah Nikki a body respite II are you finally happy to politic it to be erased paid annually Yannick eager may is he kinetic energy nickel we happy who would I be half MV 0 qahal square and he gives zero kinetic energy kinetic energy McCoy be changed India Yanni key yeah is from leaking his upside expect Colby worked on who whining here he Aniki a booty pooty work Johanna be we calculate key F dot d say he kiss energy McCann what we get too cocky today Co he happy ignite energy concept at all why potential energy either specifically bad curry is kiss key to him but current gravitational potential energy key or gravitational potential energy g-p-s MA said do not can you allow a Barbara iske equation of the M G into H M into G into height edge Detra Cooper guy is surface earth K surface vertically did not forget his kiss me on a displacement Cody said do not ki as I may say at Seville excetera H MGH I see two men leak how at the Hickock Ikeda bomb a MGH yo e gravitational potential energy Jana key is Barsoom network he apne block Cooper he kinetic energy may transfer neva bulky a transfer lugar gravitational potential energy may the queen of M Network dong-hyuk which does hazhar Jhulka looking given key block he velocity miko change Nanaia his comic Lubezki kinetic energy Mako change Ranga yeah Nikki Jovian evoke IANA he kinetic energy meter transfer heat transfer over high block he gravitational potential energy me just now uber to Miyagi ground K levels hootenannies other gravitational potential energy Berta Jaya EDI other formula mg H say jumping H - Anna yeah height above the surface of Earth to an academy turnover jockey what nahi is other potential energy birthday Jackie gravitational potential energy birthday Jackie blocky up to so Trevor he is a put kewal thing today ko is blocky pass energy bus is Lee tae ik particular position pay ye block a burger happy yeah Harvey Pachuca Hanna lqke is position pay is Lee escape a sec energy I gotta he block zero velocity kiss as the mean Perico tahini J to skip ASCO energy naman evaluatee the kinetic energy or nine potential energy cookie hide beat Osama 0 Tina ta be 0 I gotta lick in Cuba see is hide pay easily escape ass egg potential energy Yannick es capaz ik potentially exam Tom Carnegie a man Luke is blocking me he has a chore to Tokioka to a block Nietzsche eater of getting a leg ok speaker a vertical force like ride our ski velocity Burton Jackie job is a minke passport Iquitos key velocity what is odd about Jackie a mono key has a mean play Aquila give way to Egypt kill piggy-wiggy - he killed ko or under tactical de Yannick is Nikhil pick for Slavia or kill could displace big idea Janna get killed become Korea work curry TN akeem akio Sactown key is positioned by hanukkah current is block you pass a energy what is energy compared to thank gravitational potential energy a bike or example color T is same a habit ciabatta down to you have a mini PASOK block 1 kg Mosca Orissa kissing a Nietzsche's Otaki ya does me Turkey which I packed the I apamea potala Ghana I get no work done car Nobunaga it's an aegis uber attack attack enemy I'm deco excuse my job you Ogden hoga whoa convert whenever like gravitational potential energy kinetic energy meter bill Colby convert Neoga looking up a kinetic energy is zero to Oh calculate cut the gravitational potential energy is position P so yay we are about our mg into height HK masdea why couch one kiddies or acceleration due to gravity Iman I think which does meter per second square or height EA coach mulatto and thus me turkey so energy total gravitational potential energy yeah I'd like a hundred Newton meter yeah 400 Joule key you thick gravitational potential energy kahega happy 100 jewel observe you block Nietzsche's Amin para quwata is position pay gravitational potential energy anyone here zero dual you can have a height above tomorrow ground to zero enough the puri tamazaki zero so the gravitational potential energy here but we saw jewel say to it any energy I can say of energy to top ERT a job for Jota work is transfer of energy Hana the Yannick he is my hundred jhulka woken up on a block who Nietzsche's a mean so Tucker uber economy Tommy I'm NASA Waldo's all cali i Howick bar recap galloping hum nice medium a bath key ignite form of energy cabaret me potential energy in fact how many baths he specifically gravitational potential energy k bar me or his cuff Amla author MGH tapping every mass of the body G here acceleration due to gravity or h-hey height above the Earth's surface kidney you CH IP body Rockaway abdic Oh a same potential is labeled a Q key is kept as a special position a disco Karen is kept a sec energy HM de Hakam car Mickey