Graphs of trig functions

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The unit circle definition allows us to define sine and cosine over all real numbers. Doesn't that make you curious what the graphs might look like? Well this tutorial will scratch that itch (and maybe a few others). Have fun.

Example: Amplitude and period

VIDEO 8:21 minutes
Determining the amplitude and period of a trig function

Amplitude of trigonometric functions

Find the amplitude of trigonometric functions.

Midline of trigonometric functions

Find the midline of trigonometric functions.

Period of trigonometric functions

Find the period of trigonometric functions.

Example: Graph, domain, and range of sine function

VIDEO 9:22 minutes
Graphing a sin curve to think about its domain and range.

Example: Graph of cosine

VIDEO 5:18 minutes
Basic interpretation of the graph of the cosine function

Example: Intersection of sine and cosine

VIDEO 11:07 minutes
Thinking about where the graphs of sin and cos intersect.

Example: Amplitude and period transformations

VIDEO 12:52 minutes
Understanding how the amplitude and period changes as coefficients change.

Example: Amplitude and period cosine transformations

VIDEO 10:43 minutes
Visualizing changes in amplitude and period for a cosine function

Example: Figure out the trig function

VIDEO 6:34 minutes
Determining a trig function given its graph

Graphs of sine and cosine


Tangent graph

VIDEO 10:12 minutes