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Interpreting trigonometric graphs in context


Hugo has a pin attached to one of the spokes of his bike's wheel, for decoration. The height of the pin above the ground, in centimeters, is modeled by H, left parenthesis, t, right parenthesis where t is the time in seconds. The function is graphed below, along with one segment highlighted.
A trigonometric wave labeled H on a t y coordinate plane. The y-axis scales by five. The t axis scales by one. The wave starts at its minimum at (zero, ten). The range of the wave is from ten to fifty. There is a highlighted vertical arrow that extends from the midline at y equals thirty to the maximum at (one and one half, fifty).
Answer two questions about the highlighted segment.
1) Which feature of the graph corresponds to the highlighted segment?
Choose 1 answer:
2) What is the meaning of the highlighted segment?
Choose 1 answer: