Introduction to writing expressions with variables

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Learn the basics of writing algebraic expressions.

Writing expressions with variables

Practice writing basic algebraic expressions.

Writing simple algebraic expressions

VIDEO 1:38 minutes
Can you write the algebraic expressions that represent what these statements are saying? Sure you can! We'll help you.

Writing expressions with variables 2

Practice writing slightly more complicated algebraic expressions.

Writing algebraic expressions

VIDEO 2:45 minutes
These sentences describe or represent algebraic expressions. See if you can translate them for solving. We'll do it together.

Writing algebraic expressions example 2

VIDEO 2:23 minutes
Like other exercises in this tutorial, we're rewriting statements into algebraic expression. This time we have to choose which is the correct one among those given.

Writing algebraic expressions example 3

VIDEO 0:44 minutes
The more you practice, the better you get at writing algebraic expressions. So don't hesitate. Let's go!

Writing expressions with variables 3

Practice writing even more complicated expressions involving quantities grouped by parentheses.