Dot plots & frequency tables

2 videos
4 skills
A dot plot is like a bar chart, but it displays data using dots (not bars). And a frequency table is like a dot plot, but it displays data in a simple table (not a fancy diagram).

Representing data

VIDEO 8:18 minutes
Here are a few of the many ways to look at data. Which is your favorite?

Data set warm-up

Begin your journey into the world of statistics with some warm-up questions about data sets.

Frequency tables & dot plots

VIDEO 7:19 minutes
In this video, we organize data into frequency tables and dot plots (sometimes called line plots).

Creating frequency tables

Practice creating frequency tables from small data sets.

Creating dot plots

Practice creating dot plots. Dot plots are very similar to frequency tables, but they make it easier to see the data.

Reading dot plots & frequency tables

Practice reading basic dot plots and frequency tables.