Linear equations, functions, & graphs

This topic covers: - Intercepts of linear equations/functions - Slope of linear equations/functions - Slope-intercept, point-slope, & standard forms - Graphing linear equations/functions - Writing linear equations/functions - Interpreting linear equations/functions - Linear equations/functions word problems
25 exercises available

You know what horizontal and vertical lines are, but how do their equations look? And what is their slope? Learn all about it in this tutorial.

Make an introduction with the most common form of linear equations, slope-intercept form! For example, y=3x+5 is a linear equation in slope-intercept form.

Take an overview of the three main forms of linear equations: slope-intercept, point-slope, and standard. Learn which form is most appropriate for different uses.

Solve general word problems about real-world relationships that can be modeled by linear equations or functions.