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(upbeat music) - This video will show you how to assign lessons in the three Khan Academy Kids app. In order to assign lessons, you'll need to have a class account. If you need more information about how to get a class account, please check the description below. There are a few different ways to find lessons to assign in Khan Kids. The most popular way is by browsing through the teacher library, to do this, enter your teacher view, and you'll see tabs across the top of the screen. There are your special teacher tabs. This is the students tab, assignments and search, and there are also tabs by subject, letters, reading, math, logic, and then books and videos. Select one of these tabs and then look to see if there's a dropdown menu that you can use to adjust the grade level. Once you have the grade level you'd like, you can scroll down to browse all of the lessons. You'll see section titles that organize the lessons by topic, these are things like print concepts and phonological awareness lessons. Lessons in the library are labeled according to their level, main, practice one, practice two, and basic. Start by assigning the main lesson and then use basic version for students who need some extra support and practice lessons for students who need an extra challenge for extra practice. When you find a lesson you want to assign, tap the lesson thumbnail, you'll see this assign box, pop up, select the students you want to send the assignment to and use the date to send students the lesson today, or to schedule the assignment in advance. You can also preview the lesson by tapping preview in the top left corner. - What's inside my magic hat? - Once you've made your selections, don't forget to press save. Your assignments will appear here in the assignments tab, and you'll see it by the date that you've sent it out to students. You can also find lessons to assign by searching in the search tab. Here, you can find lessons by standard. You'll just use the drop down menu to select the set of standards that applies to you. And then you'll progress through the menu until you find the standard you're looking for. If you'd like to see a larger grouping of standards, you can select the all option from the drop-down menu. For example, these are the lessons on kindergarten phonological awareness. From there, you can tap directly on any lesson thumbnail to assign. Lastly, you can assign directly from the class report, go to the students tab and select class reports. On the assignments report, you can tap any lessons thumbnail to edit the assignment or to assign it again. On the all progress report, you can collapse the units for a holistic view of the whole domain. This shows all of kindergarten math, then open each section until you see options for me, practice and basic, you can tap directly on the word main, practice or basic, or the lesson title to assign it to students. Regardless of whether you assign from the teacher library, the search tab or the class report, students will receive the assignment on the date you selected. When they open the app, they'll see a heart next to their library. The heart tells them they have assignments waiting for them from their teacher. They're ready to start learning. (upbeat music)