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(bright music) - This video will show you how to view student progress in the free Khan Academy Kids app. In order to view student progress, you'll need to have a class account. If you need more information about getting a class account, please check the description below. There are two ways to view progress in Khan Kids. You can view progress for a single student, or you can view progress for the whole class. For either of these options, you'll need to enter your teacher view and make sure that you're on the students tab. To view progress for an individual student, you can tap any name on this screen. At the top of the screen, you'll see two options- assignments and all progress. The assignments report shows all the lessons that have been assigned to this student. You'll see if there are any lessons that they haven't completed yet and you'll see their scores for any lessons that they've attempted. If you change the option at the top, to all progress, I'll see a different kind of report. This report shows student scores for every lesson a student has attempted. This includes completed assignments, lessons that they've done on their learning path and anything that they happen to select from the library. Each lesson will have a score along with a green, yellow or orange check mark. A green check mark means the student has demonstrated proficiency on this topic and scored 80-100%. Teachers can also view progress for the whole class. To do this, go back to the students tab. This time, instead of tapping a specific student's name, tap the class reports button. At the top of the screen, you'll see the same two reports options that you had for the individual student- assignments and all progress. The assignments report shows all the lessons that you've assigned to all of your students. This view allows you to quickly see which students completed their assignments. From this screen, you can also tap any thumbnail along the left-hand side to edit an assignment or to reassign it. And you can also tap any student's score to view their score history on that lesson. Now, I'll tap all progress at the top of the screen to switch to the all progress report. Similar to the individual students, the all progress report shows every lesson that all of the students have ever attempted, whether it was from an assignment or their learning path or lessons they found in the library. This provides me with a full overview of all of the students' academic progress and allows teachers to easily identify areas where their students are excelling, areas where students need more support and any areas that students haven't spent a lot of time in yet. The fraction across the top of the report shows how many skills the student has demonstrated proficiency in. For example, in this student's case, there are 59 kindergarten math skills and they have demonstrated proficiency in 14 at them. The same applies for each unit. I can see how many skills are in that unit total and how many of those the student is proficient in. I can also assign lessons directly from the all progress report, which allows me to respond to students' scores immediately. If I see that a student received a low score on a main assignment, then I'll want to assign the basic lesson to provide them with additional scaffolding. I can tap the word basic directly on the screen to assign. Just like the assignments report, I can tap any score to see a student's score history and I can change filters in the top left to view a different subject, grade level and students. Both the assignments and the all progress reports can be emailed from the screen. As long as you have the mail app connected to an email account on your device, you can tap the email button to send the report. You can email the report to yourself so that you can view it on a computer, or you can send it to a parent to show them their child's progress. Just make sure to use the filters so that it only shows one student first. If you have any questions about viewing student progress, please reach out to us by emailing Khan kids at khanacademy.org. Thank you. (bright music)