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(upbeat music) - Khan Academy Kids has added teacher tools so that teachers can easily set up their class, create assignments and view student progress. With current school closures, many families are learning remotely. These teacher tools should help teachers keep kids learning, and they can also be used by parents if they set up the app as a teacher and create a class account. (soft music) You can set up your class by adding your students and their level. (soft music) You can search lessons by standards, Khan Academy Kids includes thousands of lessons that are aligned with headstart and common core standards for preschool through grade one. So you can select lessons that fit with your teaching plans. You can assign lessons to your students. Khan Kids have lessons that cover math, reading, language, social emotional development, and creative projects. Then you can view reports to monitor student progress, you can identify gaps to work on and opportunities to accelerate students who have mastered skills. You can view reports by student or by assignment. (soft music) For students, in addition to assignments that you create, they can browse through lessons in the library, or they can use our personalized learning pack, which rotates through a variety of subjects and adapts to an individual students skill level on different topics. Khan Academy Kids works on multiple devices and teachers and students can easily sign in with class codes. For remote learning, you can also send a code to parents so students can continue to learn at home and you can monitor their progress. So that's an overview of our new teacher tools in Khan Academy Kids. As always, Khan Academy Kids is 100% free, without any ads or subscriptions. Find us on the app stores or learn more at khankids.org. (soft music)