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(bright music) - Today I'm going to show you how to set up a class account on Khan Academy Kids. A class account will include teacher tools so that teachers can easily set up a class, create assignments, and monitor student progress. Parents can also use these features if they set up a class account as a teacher. If you work at a school that uses Clever for rostering, please check the description for a separate video. Your steps for creating an account will be different. If you don't use Clever, let's open the app and get started. When you first open the app, you'll see this screen. Tap Sign Up to create your new account. Then enter your school email address. You'll need to go into your email to verify your account. Open the email from the Khan Academy Kids team and click the Verify Email button. Then go back to the app and tap Next. Now on this screen, instead of entering your child's first name, select switch to Teacher Setup. Type in your teacher name, create a password, and select the grade you teach. If you teach multiple grades, select the grade that applies to most of your students. Then you'll need to enter your student roster. You can type in a student name on each line, pressing enter between each one, or you can copy a list of student names from somewhere else on your device and paste it in here. Next, you can adjust their learning levels. If you'd like, you can always change this later. And your class is all set up! Students will see this screen when they sign into the app. They'll select their name and avatar to start learning. And as a teacher, you can enter your view by tapping your teacher avatar with the bear, and this is where you'll be able to manage your class, create assignments, and monitor student progress.