Geithner Plan

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The poop really started to hit the fan in the fall of 2008. When the new administration took office in early 2009, the poop was still there. This is tutorial explains an attempt--probably not a well thought out one--to clean the poop and slow the fan. Videos on the Geithner Plan to solve the continuing banking crisis in early 2009.

Geithner plan 1

VIDEO 14:02 minutes
Overview of the Geithner Plan and the problem it is supposed to solve.

Geithner plan 2

VIDEO 12:29 minutes
More on the Geithner Plan. The problem of banks buying the assets from themselves.

Geithner plan 3

VIDEO 12:24 minutes
More exotic ways that a bank could buy transfer exposure to the taxpayer.

Geithner plan 4

VIDEO 13:22 minutes
Constructing an investment where an investor gets the same upside while the program limits the downside.

Geithner plan 5

VIDEO 14:01 minutes
Quantifying the value of the put option

Geithner plan 6: A better solution

VIDEO 10:18 minutes
A better way to solve the "liquidity" and "price discovery" problem.